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San Mateo, CA 94401
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FAX: (650) 348-5822

Bakery Hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday:
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM - Noon

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Pricing FAQs

There are three variables which determine the price of a cake:

  • The number of people it will serve (its size)
  • The flavor of the cake and its filling
  • The complexity of the design

The smallest cake that we can draw on is an 8-inch round, serving 10-12 people.

Cutting out a cake to a special shape adds at least an additional $20 to its price because of the extra labor involved.

Experience has taught us that some fillings and frostings work better than others, preventing problems with slippage on certain cake styles.

Choosing certain styles can limit your selection of either cake, filling or frosting flavors.

Visit our bakery to view our extensive cake design albums or bring your own "kreative" idea.

Our staff will be happy to assist you with design ideas and advice to fit your budget. We are here to offer you the most distinctive and delicious cake available.

don't forget CUPCAKES!

Graduation Cakes

Below are some samples of cakes we've created or think up any theme and we will create the perfect cake for you. 

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Guitar Graduation Cake Baseball Graduation Cake Diploma Graduation Cake
Guitar Baseball Diploma

Monopoly Graduation Cake Cal State Long Beach Graduation Cake Forensics, Psychology & Criminal Justice Graduation Cake
Monopoly Cal State Long Beach Forensics &
Criminal Justice

Mt. Biew High - Class of 2005 Graduation Cake St. Pius High - Class of 2005 Graduation Cake Tech Nitschke Graduates Graduation Cake
Mt. View High
Class of 2005
St. Pius High
Class of 2005
Ted Nitschke

Jukebox - Class of 2005 Gradualtion Cake St. Ignatius & St. Matthew Graduation Cake St. Marks Youth Group Graduation Cake
Class of 2005
St. Ignatius &
St. Marks Youth

School of Nursing Graduation Cake Congratulations Graduation Cake We Are Proud of You Gradualtion Cake
Nursing School Congratulations We Are Proud
of You

Nurse Graduation Cake Police Dispatcher Graduation Cake
Nurse Police Dispatcher